Community Partnership School


Dodgertown Elementary Community Partnership School (CPS) is a long-term partnership between the following core partners:

* School District of Indian River County (SDIRC)
* The Children’s Home Society of Florida (CHS), the lead community based non-profit
* Indian River State College (IRSC)
* Treasure Coast Community Health (TCCH)

Together, these organizations will work in unison to provide rigorous academics for students, in-school services, and various extended supplemental supports. The goal of these efforts are to facilitate and enhance physical and social-emotional learning opportunities for students that increase school readiness; successful academic outcomes; social and emotional health; and engage parents and the community as joint-partners in the process.

Dodgertown CPS and the core partners have a strong history of collaborative efforts that have impacted the lives of many students, their families, and the broader community. These efforts include: CHS and Indian River State College have worked together to provide higher education and vocational opportunities to young adults who have aged out of foster care. IRSC Foundation provides tuition waivers and free tuition for CHS clients, which leads to self-sufficiency. Additionally, IRSC provides internship placement for Human Service majors at CHS. Interns placed at CHS gain valuable career-related experience in case management and support service linkage through CHS’s CINS/FINS program.

Treasure Coast Community Health also partners with SDIRC, IRSC, and CHS. SDIRC has Student Support Specialists, similar to Targeted Case Managers, who refer students to external resources. These specialists often refer students and parents to TCCH for an array of health services that include but not limited to wellness visits, vaccinations, dental care, and vision screenings. Similar to CHS and IRSC, TCCH provides opportunities for internship placement for IRSC nursing, medical and science majors. Lastly, TCCH provides services to foster care and Transition Living Program (TLP) clients wellness visits, primary care, dental, and vision screening. 


SDIRC / Dodgertown Elementary: responsible for academic delivery, provides office space to partners, participates in the planning process, and furnishes data (e.g. demographics, academic outcomes, etc.). Participate on leadership council.  

CHS: overall coordination of the needs assessment, planning process, service provision, and collaborative efforts of core partners. CHS also will hire the Community School Director and other essential staff, collects data, report outcomes, fundraise, engage parents and provide other administrative support.

IRSC: provide teacher professional development and participate on leadership council.  

TCCH: Dodgertown students and their families will receive priority / expedited services at the clinic for physical healthcare, vaccinations, dental services, and vision screenings. Participate on the leadership council.

Dodgertown CPS will follow UCF’s Certified Community Partnership School’s fundamental practices for its Collaborative Leadership, Governance, and Structure (Standard 2). Dodgertown will have a cabinet with representatives from all core partners in addition to at least one community member and parent. All members are able to voice input and direction for the CPS but the principal has veto power. The cabinet will meet regularly will have subcommittees with specific focus areas to enhance and sustain the school. Committees include operations, data, grants and funding, and communications.  


1) Connect students and/or families to resources and/or services in the areas of integrated student supports, wellness services, expanded learning time and/or opportunities, family and community engagement, and/or other areas based on the needs of the school, resources available, and years of CPS model implementation.

2) Conduct a progress monitoring session or needs assessment in order to align programs and services to needs of students and families.

3) Monitor academic progress of students enrolled at the school, including student progression data such as attendance, behavior, and student achievement and learning gains on statewide, standardized assessments.


LaDonna Corbin, Coordinator
Health & Wellness
[email protected]