Champions List

Champions List

Dodgertown Elementary Extracurricular Programs

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Computer Club

Students will learn keyboarding skills through various keyboarding programs.

Coding Club

Students will learn about coding for 21st Century skills that support Computer and Engineering fields of study.

Art Club

Students participate in Art Cub before school for one grade level to explore different methods to design and create.

Music Club

Students sing/play instruments and participate in school and community events outside of the regular school day.

Gardening Club

Students learn about planting, maintaining, and caring for plants to beautify our school community.

Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run is an evidence-based, physical activity-based program for girls in grades 3-5. During the program, girls learn specific skills and strategies such as how to manage emotions, help others, make intentional decisions, and resolve conflict.

Track Team

Approximately thirty 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders participate in training to compete in the district track meet.

The Champions List supports compliance with F.S. 1014.05 (e) Procedures, pursuant to s. 1006.195(1)(a), for a parent to learn about the nature and purpose of clubs and activities offered at his or her minor child’s school, including those that are extracurricular or part of the school curriculum. Visit to view all school lists.